Justine: Good girl gone bad
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Dating Scene in Vermont

I always get the attention of many Dating Scene in Vermont. I enjoy seeking out the couples who want more spice in their life, and they end up being swingers like me. My fun filled adventure with online dating can be found right here.


Sometimes bad things change into great things. I was at home with my man, getting all hot and horny on the bed, when his cell phone rings. He dropped my nipple from his mouth and took the call. I've got to go, honey. When the man calls, you know I've got to go. Asshole forgot to even kiss me goodbye. I just sat there for a few minutes, not feeling like masturbating but not prepared to give up wholly. Then I heard a guys voice, and thought Kyle had come back. What's the swinger site called Kyle? Ronnie called out as he swung open the bedroom door without knocking. "Oh shit!" he called. His hand shot up to cover his eyes. "Don't leave!" I gasped. I didn't bother to reach for my bra. "Are you decent?" Ronnie asked? "Yes, I'm decent," I slyly said. Ronnie removed his hands. "Shit! I thought you said you were decent! That means dressed!" But he didn't cover his eyes again. Actually, he couldn't stop staring at my titties. I needed to think fast. I leapt from the bed and ran to Ronnie. My nipples hardened under his leer. I was still worked up from Kyle, and wanted dick more than ever. Ronnie's package appeared impressive from where I stood. I put his hands on my shoulders and reached for his zipper. "What exactly are you really doing?" he questioned, but didn't make an effort to stop me. That's when I knew he wouldn't put up a fight. He wanted this as much as I did. So I directed him towards the bed and shoved him over like a house of cards. "You need Girls in Vermont? A swingers site? Then you definitely won't mind swinging with me, will you? It could be our little secret if you're scared to tell Kyle." Those were my last words to him for five minutes while I sucked his dick. Kyle shut up. Those bastards! Kyle was cheating too, I could be sure of that. Well, whatever he could do, I could do better. And I already was, sucking and screwing his closest friend. And Ronnie was pretty hot for a pretty boy As soon as I came I kicked him out of there. But I'm not ended yet, Ronnie pleaded. That's what Girls in Vermont is for, I said as I closed the doorway behind him!


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Hannah: Sexy Little Kitten Looking For Some sex
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Jackie: I'm awesome!!
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Shelley: Is long over-due for a good kiss
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Janie: come and see my tits
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Lynda: Big things come in small packages
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