Sandra: love comes in spurts... spurt in me
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30 years old
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When I saw him he wasn't alone. I'd been messaging Gary since reading his Sex in Vermont profile, and knew he liked going to the fights. I should have known he wouldn't be alone, but at least he was with another man and not a woman. She would have hated it when I approached him for sex. Men are slime, and all they're great for is hard labor, buying me stuff, and fucking me when I possess the urge for dick. I can go weeks without sex, I like to build up my passion between sessions so that I go absolutely crazy on the man. I kept my eyes on Gary and following the final match I followed him to the foyer. He stopped to talking about something with his friend. That's when I walked around. He saw me coming, and I smiled as I got near. Gary looked stunned before relaxing a little, and smiled back. Hi Gary, it's Sandra. You remember me, don't you? Of course I do, Sandra. What a surprise. It's great to, uh, see you. Gary introduced me to his friend Nelson, and they asked me if I'd like to join them at a restaurant. I set one arm in Gary's and the other in Nelson's and said "Direct the way!" Gary didn't hold back when we were seated in a curved booth and I settled between the two of those. If the food and drinks came, it was time to play. We may have looked like newlyweds, except that I had two men feeding me, and me feeding them. All that actions above the table was nothing compared to what was happening under the table. We were getting so worked up that we agreed we needed to get out of there, quickly. Nelson hailed a taxi and minutes later we were at Garys condominium. He led us into the family room, put on some music and served some drinks. I complained that I was hot, and when Gary got up to turn to the central air I stood and said, "that won't be vital." The were both hung, blessed me. I sucked and had sex to my hearts content. When it was all said and done I took their phone numbers. I don't give my number to any guy. I don't have any time for them, calling and begging to see me. My Sex in Vermont profile says I'll call you, and that's the way it's going to stay.


Amateur Submitted South Rutland

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Sonya: Looking for a real connection
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Tabitha: I'm awesome!!
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34 years old
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